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This unofficial site intends to inform you of the different aspects of the electronic signature in the European Union.


Here you will find information about the electronic signature in general and about the current legislation in Spain and Europe. You will also find information about different hardware and software products for the written electronic signature.


We hope that the information you find here is of interest to you and helps you to understand a little more about the electronic signature.


Electronic signature

Legal framework in Spain

Written electronic signature

Biometric data

Software products for the written electronic signature

Hardware products for the written electronic signature

Sections on our website that are of special interest to users and companies who are thinking of purchasing and applying an electronic signature system. Sections:



Implementation and start-up possibilities

Problematic questions that companies who use electronic signature solutions should also pay attention to

Ergonomic requirements for a precise capture

Technical characteristics of the capture

Electronic signatures and personal data protection New!


Section containing various pieces of information on other aspects of the electronic signature:


Using electronic signatures and numbers - a study New!

Clients' possible fears about using written electronic signatures New!

Qualified signature vs. Advanced signature New!

The differences between the electronic- and digital signature New


News about electronic signature:


September 2011 - Interest in signature tablets growing

November 2011 - Electronic ID in Europe


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